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Spiritual Healing and Wisdom Work

About Wisdom Rising

Centered in the Sacred Feminine

Through heart-centered conversations, energetic balancing sessions, and workshops, Julia co-facilitates with clients the emergence of deep inner wisdom and knowing. The work is guided by the sacred feminine, an interspiritual feminine force of creativity and love.

Co-created by cutting edge learning and neuroscience research

As a professionally trained and experienced college professor, I have developed the expertise in and passion for facilitating the learning and development needs of adults.  I apply research-based evidence with intuitive knowing to co-facilitate wisdom rising.

compelled by gaia

Gaia is crying for humans to re-connect to their innermost knowing. Wisdom Rising is one of the many hundreds if not thousands of efforts underway to contribute to the healing of our planet.


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Balance. Harmony. Resonance. Experience a Certified Healing Touch session with Julia.


Anchor. Connect. Listen. Experience wisdom work with Julia.


Experience. Do. Be. Experience the freedom and joy of wisdom work through workshops by Julia.


How do I know Wisdom Rising is for me?

Every single wisdom journey is different, goes at its own pace, contains ups and downs, and is unpredictable. If you feel blocked-empty-tired-angry-fearful--if you know there is more for you in this life, Wisdom Rising will help.

What is a Healing Touch session like?

Energy balancing and healing is a fully-clothed experience. After a clearing and centering conversation, you will lie on a massage table while Julia uses energetic techniques to strengthen, align, and unblock energetic patterns. Many clients fall asleep and find the session deeply restorative. 

What workshops do you offer?

The workshop schedule will be posted shortly.